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After six weeks trapped in a filthy chicken shed, her body aches. Soon she’ll reach the slaughterhouse, where she’ll risk being boiled alive.

Photo: Andrew Skowron • Open Cages

A recent investigation by Mercy for Animals has laid bare the atrocities faced by chickens raised for Costco. These sensitive animals have little to no legal protections, and face some of the worst and most extreme forms of animal abuse in our food system.

Bred to grow unnaturally fast, chickens suffer from debilitating diseases while trapped in filthy, overcrowded sheds. In their final moments, they're hung painfully upside down, struggling to breathe, as they face the terror of “live-shackle slaughter.” Countless chickens will suffer broken bones in the process; some will be boiled alive.

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Costco has the power to end this abuse. But the company would rather profit from this abuse and convince its members that these torturous conditions can be left unaddressed. The deception must stop. Together we can send shockwaves through Costco, the third-largest retailer in the world, and end some of the very worst abuses faced by animals today.

You can help demand that Costco to do better for chickens by signing onto the Better Chicken Commitment. Join this fight today to take a strong stance for animals.

Caring people are demanding that Costco stop forcing chickens to suffer the worst abuses in factory farms.

because no animal deserves this

WARNING: Graphic footage ahead.

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caring people are calling on Costco to stop profiting from this cruelty

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur • Animal Equality

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Top photo: Andrew Skowron • Open Cages
Above photo: Jo-Anne McArthur • Animal Equality

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